the youtubers of a lifetime

The youtubers of a lifetime


In my opinion the best youtubers are yummiR6, chaseontwowheels, and doitwithdan. I think they’re the best because they’re very funny, they make a lot of jokes, and they say funny things.

I like yummi R6 because he does fan mail Friday and they are very funny and he even destroys New York Giants merchandise when fans send him any. Don’t put “fragile” on a box he will take the stuff and destroy the box. He also has a dog/puppy named Kappa.

I like chaseontwowheels because he is very funny. He is very funny because he tells a lot of jokes. He also does motovlogs and duel vlogs with yummiR6. They are best friends and they were living together and then yummiR6 moved to Virginia Beach. He has two little dogs.

I like doitwithdan because he is funny and tells lots of jokes. He also does motovloging. He has a dog named Jax and in some of his videos he comes in and blocks the camera and messes up the angle. He also does a few normal vlogs.






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    A great post. Do you have your own YouTube channel?

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